Food Growing
Made Easy.

Anyone can grow herbs, fruit and veg and enjoy harvests at home. Our first Growing Club is launching soon.


Set yourself up for success. Select herbs, fruit and veg plants perfect for your space, lifestyle, and experience.



You'll get all the support you need. Tailored how-to guides, expert support on-demand, and inspiration about the wonderful world of home-grown food.



You don't have to grow it alone. Join a network of other home-growers & swap ideas and experiences.


Why Grow Food?

Since when was food(, glorious food) reduced to boxes on a shelf in a supermarket? It’s time to reconnect with nature, and experience the mini miracle of growing your own food. 

We’ve fallen out of sync with our planet. At PlantEra, we see food-growing as a way to understand nature and reduce our impact - plus you can’t beat the taste of freshly-picked produce. From baby tomatoes to exotic herbs, prepare to be inspired.

Our Mission