Helping People & Nature to Thrive Together 

Life in cities can be overwhelming. It's difficult to find balance when simple things like spending time in nature have been pushed to the sidelines, and it's never been more important to tune into the planet, appreciating its beauty and protecting it for the future. We believe gardening is a fun and rewarding way to bring more nature into your life, feel rooted, and make cities green again.  Here's a bit more on why we think it's so important. 
Making Cities Green
Green spaces are considered essential: London's Environment Strategy aims for London to be 50% green by 2050, with almost half of this green space being made up by gardens. Why? Green surface cover will help absorb carbon emissions, and plants reduce air temperature too. This is important as cities can be 10 degrees warmer than the countryside. Need any more persuading? Plants also provide sound insulation, reducing noise disturbance.
Helping Nature
Nearly half of Britains wildlife has declined in the last 50 years, and cities are often to blame. Gardens create important habitat linkages, which is particularly important for bees. 90% of the world's flowers are dependent on pollinators, and planting flowers in your garden can help feed pollinators who then travel to other habitats.
Finding Balance
When we're surrounded by nature, we feel better. Our blood pressure and breathing regulates almost immediately, while cortisol (the stress hormone) dips after 20 minutes spent outside or gardening. One of the reasons nature makes us feel calm is that plants have naturally-occurring fractal patterns (fractal means they repeat), which our minds find restorative, making us feel relaxed yet alert.  Gardening can be a very mindful activity: we have to look at our plants, work out what they need, and nurture them so that they thrive. This gives a sense of purpose and connection with the world around us.
Restoring Energy
Our brains are often overstimulated from laptops and screens, and spending time connecting with nature has been proven to improve focus and restore our productivity. One study back in 2007 proved that spending just 20 minutes in a garden 3 times a week improves concentration and focus.