Planting your new arrivals!

If you're new to gardening or want a refresher, we've put together a quick guide to help you plant your plants. 

Before you decide where to put your plants, have a look to see whether they prefer full sun or some shade so that you get the best results possible. 

Once you've decided where to plant and had some fun thinking through colours and layout, here's how to plant your Plant Pack: 

1. Submerge your plant pots in a bucket of water to ensure they are thoroughly watered. If you don't have a bucket, water the pots thoroughly and let them stand for a couple of minutes. 

2. Meanwhile, clear away any stones and loosen any soil that has formed clumps where you plan to plant. 

3. Dig small holes where you'd like to put your plants

4. Gently loosen the plant from its pot and then place it into the hole, so it sits below the surface of the soil. 

5. Fill in the gaps with soil, or compost if you have it. 

Once your plants are planted, water them in the evenings or early morning (not during the heat of the day). Bedding plants in particular need a lot of moisture. To keep them in good condition and encourage them to flower more often, it's a good idea to buy some potassium-heavy feed and to feed them after a month or so. 

Once flowers begin to fade, don't forget to deadhead them by pinching them off or snipping them off with scissors. This means your plant won't use up energy growing that flower, and can focus on new buds!