Where It All Began: Our Story

PlantEra is on a mission to bring nature back into our lives in the city.

But where did this all start?

We're life-long nature lovers, and our beginnings can be traced back to one BBC article we read at the beginning of lockdown in London. 

Millions of plants across the country were about to be binned after Garden Centre closures meant they were stuck, unable to reach Londoners who’d love them. 

It was a difficult time, but one when people across the city were getting outdoors, re-discovering their homes and gardens and noticing nature re-awakening all around them.

We rescued and delivered 30,000 quality plants direct from Grower to Garden, and donated our profits to charity. 

PlantEra in the press

As our plants found homes across the city, we discovered a new tribe. The next generation of urban gardeners who are passionate about plants and our planet. 

They had two simple obstacles to overcome: finding the right plants, and knowing how to care for them. These stood in the way of them creating their own urban oasis, surrounding themselves with beautiful plants. 

We exist to make growing simple for urban gardeners, helping spread nature throughout cities.  

But why? 

Growing helps us feel calmer through connecting with nature every day. Urban gardens help us appreciate nature’s power, make cities greener and forge a link between our day-to-day lives and the critical need to protect our planet. We’re building an urban community of environmentally-aware plant-lovers who can collectively make a big difference.