Young Houseplant Growing 

So you've received your young houseplants. Now it's time for them to enjoy their new home. Repotting your plants is one of the most enjoyable stages of growing. It's the opportunity to interact with your plant, observe whats happening within the soil and set the path for new growth.  

About (most) Houseplants


Bright Indirect Light. Exotic plants are from sun rich climates but usually hidden under the canopy.

Water & Food

Water lightly every time the compost surface looks dry. Feed every 3-4 weeks in the summer. Refrain from feeding in the winter.

Humidity & Temperature 

Keep them in humid conditions and at room temperature. If you are comfortable, they will be too. Just be mindful of cold draughts from windows or dry heat from radiators.

Your Step by Step 

In the box

Your box contains everything you need to get growing, including;
• 3 Young Plants
• Your pots and saucers
• Compost (the bigger pouch)
• Fertiliser (the smaller pouch)

Prepare to Pot

It's like cooking - a little bit of prep can make things easier and less messy - although we highly encourage you to get your hands dirty. 

Start by laying our your plant, your pot & saucer, opening your compost bag and having water at hand. If you're using one of your own pots, find something thats roughly 1.5x the diameter of your current pot

TIP Use the cardboard box provided as your potting bench to contain the mess.

Fill Your Pot

Fill the bottom of your pot with enough soil so that your young houseplant will sit at the top of the new pot. 

TIP Add a little water to the soil to encourage the plants roots to grow down.

Remove your Young Plant

Remove your plant from its current pot by gently pulling gently on the stem. You can squeeze the sides of the pot to release the plant if it needs a little extra encouragement

TIP Loosen (also known as teasing or tickling) any tightly wrapped roots - this will encourage them to point outwards and grow out into their new home.   

"Pot Up" & Water

Place your plant in the centre of the soil, then fill the sides so that your plant sits nice and snug. Then treat your plant to a drink. You want the water to soak the soil at the bottom, not just the top. That way it will encourage the roots to grow down, creating better anchorage for your plant to grow nice and strong. Once watered, pour away any soil that's built up in the saucer.  


You won't need to do this straight away as the compost will have sufficient nutrients for a couple of months. After then add a sprinkle (1 tsp) and lightly work the granules into the soil around your plant, then water lightly. Repeat every 4-6 weeks during Spring, Summer and Autumn. Then do not apply during winter.

Should you want more info on the fertiliser we use. click here

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