Plant Pack | Why plants do you good

This article was written by Miranda and Caitlin Craig. 

During these crazy times, there is a reason why we can't keep away from our parks and gardens. Not only are plants enchanting to look at, but they are also great for our wellbeing. 


Research shows that being surrounded by plants and digging our hands into the dirt helps us feel better. During lockdown, we all need something to lift us up. Here are a few reasons why a Plant Pack delivery can boost your mood.

    1. Soil is good for you! Research shows that the soil our plants live in contains microbiomes that trigger release of serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin elevates our moods and decreases anxiety. So dig 'em in! 
    2. Nature keeps us healthy. A 2007 study showed that spending time in nature over a two day period increases your natural killer cells (the body's disease fighting agents) by 50%. In Japan, this is called "Shinrin-yoku", translated this means 'Forest-Bathing'. When we can't be outside strolling, create your own natural medicine and forest-bath by planting plants and flowers in your backyard, balcony or porch! 
    3. Greenery helps us to be more present. The routine of planting, watering, pruning and admiring allows us to be present. Mindfulness is a huge trend right now - but you don't need an app to help you stay present. Taking care of plants, appreciating their smell, colours and beauty helps us relax and be mindful. 
    4. Planting is rewarding! A global pandemic means that a lot is beyond our control right now- but nature's cycles and growing new life hasn't gone away. Few things are as pleasing as watching a new flower bloom or a sprout turn into a leaf. Check out our planting guide for more info. 
Explore the latest Plant Packs here. Every purchase supports British growers, prevents waste, and supports NHS Charities Together.