Plant Pack | Uncertain times for our growers

Plant Pack started after we heard millions of garden plants were set to be binned when garden centres closed due to lockdown.

Even with the news garden centres will re-open, the future for many growers remains uncertain. 

Around 70% of sales in the garden industry take place from March to May, so the coronavirus pandemic couldn't have come at a worse time. The HTA recently reported that 1/3 of British growers may be out of business by the end of the year. This problem is exacerbated by strong competition from Europe, in particular the Netherlands, where garden centres have remained open so that Dutch growers have been relatively unaffected.

Plant Pack British Grower

Our aim has always been to support British growers and prevent waste, meanwhile donating our profits to NHS Charities Together. 

Supporting British growers is more important than ever if we are to protect the British horticultural sector, which employs over half a million people.

Even now garden centres will re-open, lost sales cannot be recovered. To make matters worse, many growers stopped growing for a time because their staff were furloughed and they needed to reduce losses. In many cases, they won't have enough new summer plants for garden centres, but still have small quantities of older stock on hand that they cannot easily sell.

Meanwhile, there are millions of people around the U.K. who are isolating and may not be able to reach garden centres. 

At Plant Pack, we intend to continue supporting British growers. We're proud to have worked with a number of brilliant growers, delivering quality plants to your door the very same day we collect them. 

Plant Pack British Growers

Here's what our first family-run grower in Essex had to say about working with Plant Pack: 

"On the 23rd March this year the country was put under lockdown, and thousands of plants we had been growing for months that were destined for garden centres suddenly had no home. It looked like all these plants would end up on the compost heap, but thanks to some quick thinking by the people at Plant Pack our crops have found homes all round London. In these difficult times it’s been very satisfying to know that our plants will be cheering people up this summer, and have supported NHS charities on the way."  

Check out our range for a mood-boosting delivery of plants that will support British growers.