Our Second Week | 17,000 Plants Saved, a New Grower, and another donation for the NHS!

In our second week, we've focused on growing quickly so we can save more plants, support more growers, and increase our NHS donation. We're pleased to announce we've now rescued over 17,000 plants, and have raised enough to donate £10,000 in total!

Last weekend, we ran our first weekend special (scroll down for news of this week's special) featuring delphiniums and lavender amongst other delights from a new grower based in Gloucestershire.  

For a couple of days, First Mile's depot in London was carpeted with flowers as their fantastic team worked to prepare the deliveries for customers. 

 Flowers Plant Pack First Mile

Throughout the week, we've been having fun on our Instagram (@getplantpack), with lots of customers sending in fantastic pictures. Some of our favourites feature furry friends too, such as this great snap of Blossom the dog.

This weekend, we will have beautiful geraniums from a new grower based in Sussex. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage to find out more and to be the first to get details of our exclusive discount. If you get your hands on the code, you can also pass it on to family and friends! 

Our delivery range is now zones 1-5 in London, so hopefully lots of you can benefit. Friday 1st May was our biggest day of deliveries yet- 192 orders went out to customers with First Mile and another delivery partner called Street Stream.

 Thank you for all your support and have a fantastic weekend! 

 Flowers Plant Pack