Plant Pack | Our first day of deliveries | 704 plants saved

Friday 17 April 

Today we had our very first day of deliveries. 70 orders went out to customers across London. 

2 First Mile vans drove out to our grower bright and early to collect 2 vanloads of beautiful violas, gerberas and osteopurnums. 

Vans collecting flowers

The Plant Pack team waited with a mixture of excitement and trepidation to hear from our first customers. Then the First Mile delivery vans began to arrive!

We're pleased to say the deliveries were a great success- lots of positive reviews and photos came in from happy customers. On our first day of deliveries, we rescued 704 plants!

All Plant Packs are delivered in an eco-fleet by contactless delivery. They also come with no excess packaging. 

Here's a photo of our Viola Plant Pack- a tray of 8 colourful plants. 

And here's a photo a customer sent us of their violas potted and looking lovely in their garden. 

Violas potted

We'll make our first donation to NHS Charities Together this weekend. 

We're looking forward to next week- another round of deliveries will go out on Monday.