Good Enough To Eat! The many benefits of growing your own food

Growing season is well and truly upon us, and now is a fantastic time to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Harvesting your own crops is incredibly satisfying, and we've grown our range of fruit, veg and herbs to help you get inspired!

Why grow your own? 

Firstly, the taste of home-grown fruit and veg is far superior to anything you'll buy in a supermarket. You'll give it love and care, and your harvest won't have been chilled for days before it's finally bought and eaten. You'll be able to pick your crop when it's perfectly ripe and eat it straight away, when it's full of flavour. 


Home-grown food is also more sustainable. Three quarters of fruit and veg eaten in the U.K. is imported, and transporting crops by air, road or sea makes the food we eat highly carbon intensive. 

Growing at home can also be fulfilling: you'll learn more about plants, refine your growing skills, and gain even more appreciation for the nature around you- whether you have a big garden, little patio, or even just a windowsill.

On top of this, gardening has proven benefits for mental health and wellbeing: it helps us to be present and focused on the simple task at hand, is known to be therapeutic, and the sense of caring for a living thing is known to be fulfilling. 

Finally, it can be inspiring! Growing your own fruit, veg or herbs will give you fresh ideas for food and drink recipes. Our Culinary Herb Pack comes with a guide to give you new ideas, from strawberry mint mojitos to marjoram mushrooms on toast and lemon & thyme shortbread. We also have tomatoesstrawberry plants and some rhubarb which is fantastic for summer desserts. 

So why not give it a try? Check out our Grow Your Own Food range now.